A Sleeker Bloodhound With Better Follow-up

Our users have enjoyed the ease of lead capture – now we’re making it easier to follow up.

 Bulk follow up from the Bloodhound dashboard

While transitioning to a new platform over the past couple of months, we heard from an overwhelming number of users wanting a better way to follow up – especially since lead capture has become so easy with Bloodhound. From large customers who had their own marketing automation processes, all the way to smaller customers who didn’t have anything – they all wanted the same thing: an easy initial way to follow up, regardless of how sophisticated or simple their system was after that point. With the features that we launched today, we’re very pleased to say that beyond capturing lead information, we’re making Bloodhound the best way to follow up.

Here are all the improvements we’ve made:


Send Media from Device.  Bloodhound is now the fastest way to get your collateral and one pagers into the hands of the person you just met. Whether you’re at a tradeshow or meeting someone for coffee, attach relevant documents straight from your phone while the conversation is still fresh in your mind.

After capturing a lead’s contact information, you can send an email and attach items from your Bloodhound media library. Simply tap to compose an email, add attachments by checking off the files you want to include, and you’re done. You can also send follow-up to a lead you previously collected by opening the lead’s profile and following the same workflow.

Remember – you can add new media to your library from the dashboard. Simply drag and drop or select the files from your computer and they’ll be available on the device and dashboard.

Custom Auto-Follow up Email.  50% of leads close with the person who follows up first. By simplifying the exchange of contact information after you meet a potential business opportunity, we’re making it easy for you to follow best practices. Want to customize the message? No problem. You can manage all of this from the settings screen in the app.

After you capture a lead, we’ll automatically send an email with your vCard attached so the person you just met keeps you in mind and has a way to reach back out to you. You can customize each message for a more personal touch, or change the copy before every tradeshow.

Managing this feature is easy. Simply go to the settings screen in the app and edit the auto follow-up message. If you’ve got your own best practices and prefer not to exchange contact information, you can turn it off from the settings page.

Bulk Messaging from Dashboard.  Capturing lead information is just the first step. You’ve spent the time having conversations, qualifying, and taking notes – why wait to follow up? The initial follow-up should happen ASAP – bulk messaging from Bloodhound empowers you to do that. Whether you want to follow up with everyone from a specific show, or everyone who shared the same qualifications, simply select the relevant filter and follow up with everyone at once.

Need to export the leads for a nurturing campaign you’ve set up? Bulk messaging from Bloodhound is designed to compliment existing workflows as a quick and easy addition. Don’t have a sophisticated system yet? Continue using Bloodhound to follow up in bulk and keep those leads moving through your pipeline.

Lead History in Dashboard.  Now that you’re sending emails from your phone and in bulk from the dashboard, it’s important to have a history of what’s been sent. We’re happy to introduce a timeline on each lead’s profile page that shows when the lead was added and each subsequent follow-up with the subject line and body of the message. There’s much more to come of this in the future, but we’re excited to have taken the first step with this release.

New UI.  We constantly strive to improve your experience with our product – beyond adding new features, we want the app to feel good to use and intuitive to learn. With this update, you’ll notice that the new app has a new look and feel.

We are now displaying all of the standard fields of information so that you can add or edit a lead’s profile any time after collecting. Furthermore, we’ve changed the editing behavior, making it easier and faster to edit the exact information you want. We split the information into 3 tabs: Contact Information (Name, Email, Phone number), Details (Tags, Event tags, Notes), and Qualifying Questions. This is all in an effort to better organize the information for ease of use and navigation.

On the dashboard, you’ll notice that the lead profile page has gotten a facelift. We’ve included the Lead History and just like with the app, we’re cleaning up how the information is organized.

Lastly, in an effort to simplify the experience – and only provide what our users want – we’ve gotten rid of the “Scan As” and “Save to Address Book” features.

Auto-Refresh Tags and Qualifiers.  Don’t worry about having to refresh the app every time a change is made to your Tags or Custom Qualifying Questions – Bloodhound will now refresh automatically, so you’re always viewing the latest information.

Itemized Subscription Summary.  The subscription package is simple and straightforward – but some of you have experienced that adding or removing team members mid-month often results in a non-intuitive amount charged to your credit card (because we’re pro-rating the subscription price). To alleviate any confusion, you’ll now see an itemized list of what is being charged.

Updated Email Template.  We’ve updated the look and feel of the email template used when you send messages through Bloodhound. We’ve gotten rid of all of the excess branding, so the user can focus on your message. Especially now that we have more robust follow-up features, we wanted to make sure the messages you send looked clean, professional, and represent you well.

Like always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. We can’t improve what we’re doing without you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact support.

Saying Goodbye to Events, Hello to Lead Capture and Management

Bloodhound has come a long way as a company since we hit the ground running back in 2012, and this past year in particular brought many new challenges and triumphs. Our team of problem solvers has met each startup curveball with agility and creativity– our product today reflects our hard work and is something of which we are all very proud. We’d like to share with you our journey, product evolution, and upcoming changes to keep a lookout for.

Where we are, how we got here, and where we’re headed

In 2013 our focus was to provide a new, mobile solution for companies to collect leads at events. Our aim was alleviate the pain and cost associated with renting badge scanners from registration companies. Instead we developed an app so exhibitors could use their own smartphones as the primary collection tool. At the time, this new venture was a natural extension of our event guide application, which was making waves in the world of meeting planners.

As the lead retrieval portion of offering gained traction, we began to notice the unique ways in which users were engaging with the technology in order to solve the problems they were experiencing. Clear patterns formed, and it encouraged us to develop features that would help users tackle some of those issues more effectively. One such feature is our Custom Qualification Questions, which make it possible for teams to use the same qualifying materials for each lead they meet. Another one we introduced is Filters, which make the follow-up process much easier to handle after an event is over.

Considering the feedback from our users, we realized that the scope of the needs we were initially aiming to satisfy were actually much larger than we expected. In fact, 70% of small- to mid-size companies do not use a CRM, and until Bloodhound, there were very limited tools on the market that address their unique needs. What started as mobile lead collection evolved into qualification, follow-up, and overall management.

Bloodhound is well on its way to solving perhaps the most glaring inefficiency currently experienced by sales teams in today’s model: the disconnect between gathering and inputting qualified lead data into an existing system, and the process of following up with those leads after the fact.

The side-effects of this new vision

So what does this mean for Bloodhound’s future, and more importantly, to you, our valued users? Following your lead, we find ourselves moving farther away from the world of events. The outcome of which is the discontinuation our event guide app offering. By next week, we will no longer have a mobile app that supports event information (beyond tagging a lead with an event), and by early March, you will no longer be able to add an event from the dashboard. If you are using Bloodhound as a lead retrieval solution, don’t worry: nothing about your experience will change. In fact, since we’ll be focusing all of our efforts on lead capture and management, the experience will quickly improve as we begin to roll out new features.

What this means for you

Over the years we’ve built a rapport and trust with our user groups, and we understand that this decision will have a real impact on the way you plan your events. We wanted to make sure you’re covered for your upcoming events, so we did our research and feel confident recommending Guidebook as a viable solution to build event apps. Guidebook offers the most functional, easiest to use, and most beautiful event app on the market. If you’re interested in learning more we’ll be happy to make the introduction. For now, your data is safe on our platform, but we recommend that you export it and save it onto your computers as soon as you can.

Something else you might find interesting is a resource to help you offer lead retrieval at your event . The first step is providing your attendees with badges, and we’ve found a fantastic and reliable printing solution in Conference Badges. Again, if you’re interested we’ll be happy to make an introduction. Let us know!

We’re so excited about this redefined vision of Bloodhound and we hope you share the sentiment. We have some really valuable features coming up in the next couple of months, so keep your eyes open for updates! As always, we appreciate your continued support and welcome any and all feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

The Bloodhound Team


How to Navigate a Cocktail Hour | Cheat Sheet

add contact3_760px

If you’re the kind of person to make New Year’s resolutions, the mentioning of a cocktail hour might feel a bit premature, but hear us out – we’ve got some great tips!

At events, one of the most daunting but chock-with-potential events is the early-evening happy hour. If you want to translate chats into results, you need to navigate the venue like a pro.

Here are nine tips to keep in mind:

1.     Prep your self-pitch. When you introduce yourself, what’s your 20-second “about me” line and how does it need to differ depending on the audience? If you consciously work this out beforehand, you’ll be better prepared to focus during the event.

2.     The 60-30-10 Rule. Research shows that communication is 60% visual, 30% verbal, and 10% based on the actual content of your words (read more here). Focus on projecting a strong image. Be conscious about taking a wide stance. Avoid fiddling with accessories or attire, and breathe deeply so you speak with a strong vocal tone.

3.     Listen at check-in. Get the lay of the land for the event, so you know how and where you should allocate your time to meet the people you need to connect with.

4.     Eat before or afterwards. We’ve all seen “that guy” who beelines for the fancy cocktail special or the buffet. Don’t be that guy. Holding a drink can make you approachable, but always be ready to speak about yourself and business.

5.     Enjoy yourself. People can tell if you’re projecting positive energy or are simply doing your duty to show up. If you are interested and engaged, people will want to hear what you bring to the table.

6.     Listen and respond. Too many people go with their pitch and focus on talking rather than listening. The key to connecting quickly is asking open-ended questions and picking up on the genuine parallels in your interests.

7.     Get what you need. If you have a great conversation but fail to collect the follow-up contact information you need to take the next steps, you’ll regret it later. Using technology like Bloodhound’s lead retrieval solution is an elegant way to help you exchange and manage contact information.

8.     Note the next steps. Make sure that they are actionable and that you have a way to keep track of what you need to do on your end. That’s where notes from a system like Bloodhound are helpful.

9.  Follow up within 24 hours. If you think you met a lot of new faces, you can bet that the person you want a response from did, too. Making your follow up fast improves the chance that a contact will remember you, and it keeps the momentum going.

Now that you’re an event going expert, share your wisdom in the comments below! What would you recommend to sharpen your networking strategy?

Green Event Marketing | Tech Helps

Add contact screen copy_566px

Green your event with the technology that plays into a collaborative culture.

In 2012, Expo reported that tradeshows generate 600,000 tons of waste per year. A separate study by Smash Hit Displays arrived at an estimate of 1 billion pounds.

 The events industry produces some of the highest levels of waste of any line of business, second only to construction, and while we’ve discussed the merits of green trade show exhibiting, the real trouble is finding a viable solution that complements the event goer’s mindset. People love events for their extravagance; it inspires everyone to interact and collaborate and show off sales collateral. Calls to “reduce waste” and “recycle” won’t go far.

Enter technology. Taking advantage of the perks of tech can actually enhance the event experience beyond anything paper can provide. Here’s how:

  • Information consolidation. The event experience is inherently chaotic. Going digital with your event materials enables your attendees to search profiles and directories for exactly what they need.
  • Interactive exhibits. Handing out white papers is a one-sided exchange. A tablet that’s set up to promote interactive exploration into the product portfolio, however, brings the exhibit to a new level of engagement and sophistication.
  • More useful connections. Nothing can replace the value of the face-to-face conversations that happen at events. But the first step – knowing who to approach and talk to – is tricky and inefficient. Tech tools that use matching data make this whole process more efficient.
  • Surefire follow-up. If you build your lead management right into the interface of the event navigation, you’ll avoid forgetting contacts and the hours your team normally spends retyping business cards and contact information. Check out Bloodhound, the easiest lead retrieval solution that you can bring with you to the show.
  • Creative materials. Exhibitors, choose recycled solutions that are viewed as artistic rather than frugal. Enhance your company’s image and presence at the event. For instance, innovative companies like ECOR are doing more and more to make recycled materials available for exhibitors. By choosing their products, you project a progressive image — showing prospects that you are receptive to their needs and constraints.
  • Real-time feedback. If your sales team inputs data into an electronic dashboard rather than collecting paper forms, you can understand which techniques are working and which times drive optimum traffic to the booth.
  • Live updates. If everyone is already checking in periodically with their event app for the schedule, communication is instant and seamless.

As we discover and implement better alternatives to the white papers and flyers, we’re greening the industry to be more cutting-edge – not more frugal.

Which event technologies improve your event-going experience?

Tagging and Filtering With Bloodhound

Manage and categorize your leads


We’re pleased to introduce tagging and filtering which allows for easier categorization and management of your leads. Qualification is a critical step and tagging in one great way to quickly qualify a lead. With Bloodhound users can already take notes or answer qualification questions, now that there are tags we are confident that our users will have multiple ways to label, describe, and categorize their leads for easy management and follow up.


How Tagging Works

* Administrators can create tags from the dashboard

* Team members can then go to the profile screen on their mobile devices and click “Get Tags & Qualifiers”

* After scanning, users can then tag with the tags created from the dashboard

* Users can view and edit tags from the leads screen

* Users can also view and edit tags from the dashboard

* Administrators can view and edit tags of all leads from the admin dashboard


How Filtering Works

* Users can filter by event and tags on the web dashboard

* Administrators can additionally filter by team members on the web dashboard

* Users can filter on multiple items at once

* Export all leads, the filtered view, or selected leads from the web dashboard


Tagging and filtering by tags is an advanced feature that is available to all pro users. Event tagging and filtering by events is available for free to all of our users. If you’d like to start tagging, upgrade to “Pro” from your dashboard today.

As always, your feedback helps us improve our product. We’d love to hear from you!