Saying Goodbye to Events, Hello to Lead Capture and Management

Bloodhound has come a long way as a company since we hit the ground running back in 2012, and this past year in particular brought many new challenges and triumphs. Our team of problem solvers has met each startup curveball with agility and creativity– our product today reflects our hard work and is something of which we are all very proud. We’d like to share with you our journey, product evolution, and upcoming changes to keep a lookout for.

Where we are, how we got here, and where we’re headed

In 2013 our focus was to provide a new, mobile solution for companies to collect leads at events. Our aim was alleviate the pain and cost associated with renting badge scanners from registration companies. Instead we developed an app so exhibitors could use their own smartphones as the primary collection tool. At the time, this new venture was a natural extension of our event guide application, which was making waves in the world of meeting planners.

As the lead retrieval portion of offering gained traction, we began to notice the unique ways in which users were engaging with the technology in order to solve the problems they were experiencing. Clear patterns formed, and it encouraged us to develop features that would help users tackle some of those issues more effectively. One such feature is our Custom Qualification Questions, which make it possible for teams to use the same qualifying materials for each lead they meet. Another one we introduced is Filters, which make the follow-up process much easier to handle after an event is over.

Considering the feedback from our users, we realized that the scope of the needs we were initially aiming to satisfy were actually much larger than we expected. In fact, 70% of small- to mid-size companies do not use a CRM, and until Bloodhound, there were very limited tools on the market that address their unique needs. What started as mobile lead collection evolved into qualification, follow-up, and overall management.

Bloodhound is well on its way to solving perhaps the most glaring inefficiency currently experienced by sales teams in today’s model: the disconnect between gathering and inputting qualified lead data into an existing system, and the process of following up with those leads after the fact.

The side-effects of this new vision

So what does this mean for Bloodhound’s future, and more importantly, to you, our valued users? Following your lead, we find ourselves moving farther away from the world of events. The outcome of which is the discontinuation our event guide app offering. By next week, we will no longer have a mobile app that supports event information (beyond tagging a lead with an event), and by early March, you will no longer be able to add an event from the dashboard. If you are using Bloodhound as a lead retrieval solution, don’t worry: nothing about your experience will change. In fact, since we’ll be focusing all of our efforts on lead capture and management, the experience will quickly improve as we begin to roll out new features.

What this means for you

Over the years we’ve built a rapport and trust with our user groups, and we understand that this decision will have a real impact on the way you plan your events. We wanted to make sure you’re covered for your upcoming events, so we did our research and feel confident recommending Guidebook as a viable solution to build event apps. Guidebook offers the most functional, easiest to use, and most beautiful event app on the market. If you’re interested in learning more we’ll be happy to make the introduction. For now, your data is safe on our platform, but we recommend that you export it and save it onto your computers as soon as you can.

Something else you might find interesting is a resource to help you offer lead retrieval at your event . The first step is providing your attendees with badges, and we’ve found a fantastic and reliable printing solution in Conference Badges. Again, if you’re interested we’ll be happy to make an introduction. Let us know!

We’re so excited about this redefined vision of Bloodhound and we hope you share the sentiment. We have some really valuable features coming up in the next couple of months, so keep your eyes open for updates! As always, we appreciate your continued support and welcome any and all feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,

The Bloodhound Team


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