How it works

Find out how you can streamline your sales with modern lead management from Bloodhound.

Flexible enough for any workflow

Decide what information is most important for your sales process, and use Bloodhound’s flexible interface to capture it. Whether you’re a sophisticated sales team with a top of the line CRM, or a one man show, Bloodhound enhances your sales process every step of the way.

The sales process, A to Z

Collect Leads

Entering information into Bloodhound’s system is simple: scan business cards, badges, or add a lead’s information manually. You can even attach voice memos. No more scribbled notes or having to rely on your memory.

Custom Qualification Questions

Create qualification questions to better understand each lead and their needs. Capture budget info, lead quality, or their favorite color. It’s up to you!

Set Automatic Follow-up Messages

Do you want to standardize how your team follows up with leads from particular show? Set a default follow up message to cater more specifically to each situation.

Collaborate with your team

All of your team leads sync to a single dashboard. Share leads between members and ensure that your team is utilizing a consistent set of qualifying questions, tags, and sales materials.


Some prospects require a special touch. Notes allow you to jot down specific information you need to follow-up with a lead more effectively.


All your sales media is searchable and shareable from one place. Send relevant materials immediately after meeting a prospect right from your phone or web dashboard.


Bloodhound will fit in seamlessly with your company’s existing sales flow, but we also offer the full range of features that help smaller teams establish a process of their own. Bloodhound has all the core components of a pricey CRM, for a fraction of the annual cost. Plus, we give you those features on the fly.

Filters and Segments

Robust filtering allows you to narrow down lists to just the leads you are looking for. Use tags, qualifying answers, location, and more to implement intelligent follow-up.


The automatic-follow-up feature allows you to share your contact information and media immediately after meeting a prospect. Or use your dashboard to send messages and keep track of each touch point.


Managing a team of three or more, it’s important to make sure each member has up-to-date tools on hand. Standardizing the flow means that all team members are using the same tools to begin a new potential sale.

Join thousands of people saving time and effort by using Bloodhound to manage business opportunities.